RCIA but Gay: Catholic Martyrs and the Racist Roots of LGBT+ Persecution in Uganda

The Vine & Fig Team |

Although Uganda escalated state-sponsored persecution of LGBT+ people amid the turmoil of the worldwide recession that began in 2008, the erasure of queer lives throughout Africa has deep roots in a century of European imperialism and the Catholic Church’s complicity in colonialism.

Being Manna for One Another

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ | | By Gabe Reeder-Ferreira

In today’s reading, Moses reminds us of God’s spiritual nourishment, the manna or bread of life needed to lift us up and empower us to carry on through our difficulties and trials.

Season 1 Finale! | feat. Zinzy Nev Geene & Patrick Weston

Season 1, Episode 32 | 6/11/2020

Zinzy and Patrick W join the Flores boys to recap the highlights of season one and talk about how Vine & Fig can do its part to work for change during the Black Lives Matter uprisings around th

Pray Tell: Day

Zinzy Nev Geene |

Scenes from a day in the life of this brown person.

RCIA but Gay: Stonewall at the Intersection of Black Power and LGBT+ Liberation

The Vine & Fig Team |

LGBT+ people discovered a collective rights-consciousness in American society in the aftermath of Stonewall. Before the uprising, LGBT+ people often internalized prevailing attitudes that queer people suffered from some psychological pathology and belonged on the margins of society. After Stonewall, they saw themselves as one of many empowered minority groups militating for their civil rights.

A Seat at the Table

The Most Holy Trinity | | By Michael Therese McQueen

What we are shown by this is that the central mystery of Christianity is not one that is meant to be pondered over and mystified over but one that seeks to include us into its very fabric, giving us a seat at the table, the mystery of salvation is no longer a spectator sport. It is something we become intimately involved in.

Pray Tell: Marshmallow

Zinzy Nev Geene |

I want us to not get caught up in the satisfaction of spontaneous and temporary outrage. I want us to take a vow, and get to work. If you're eager to get out of the self-replicating loop that is systemic racism, start learning 'til you know.

RCIA but Gay: Baptism by Fabulousness

Michael Mortimer |

On May 27, 2020 the queer community lost the fabulous Larry Kramer. During his life, Kramer cultivated the persona of a relentlessly confrontational activist who was unafraid to make what Civil Rights leader John Lewis called “good and necessary trouble.”

Vine & Fig Stands with Black Lives Matter

The Vine & Fig Team |

Vine & Fig states unequivocally that Black Lives Matter, and we whole-heartedly support the protestors who are doing God’s work in streets.

Open the Door

Pentecost Sunday | | By Eilis

Ten years ago, I went on my first silent retreat. If I had known that it would be silent, I’m not sure I would have attended. So, it was with a great deal of uncertainty and skepticism that I sat with my fellow retreatants for our opening prayer.