Pat Flores

Pat Flores is a former seminarian, former theology teacher, and former religious brother. He lives in Austin with his husband and is the editor of Reaching Out, a collection of LGBTQ stories from people of all faiths.

Patrick Weston

Patrick Weston grew up in farm county going to mass with his family and holds Catholic values - especially social justice for society’s most vulnerable - close to his heart. While it took some time to figure out, he’s realized he can be gay and Catholic at the same time. He lives in Columbus and develops websites for socially-good clients.

Vine & Fig is the fruit of many conversations between Patrick Weston, Pat Gothman, and Michael Vazquez. Realizing the need for a space online where Queer Catholics could have our lives affirmed as true, holy, and beautiful, as well as the need for greater community we formed Vine & Fig that we might lean on each other and show the Church the fruitfulness of our lives.