Vine & Fig seeks to elevate the lives of Queer Catholics as we find beauty and power at the intersection of our faith and sexuality.

With a fully inclusive and affirming view of the LGBTQ+ community, we hope to inspire other Queer Catholics to more fully embrace the abundant life promised by Jesus, and witnessed in the lives of the saints, through embracing our God-given spirituality and sexuality, that our fruitfulness may be a witness to the worldwide Church. 

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The Intersection of Church and State

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Patrick Weston

In other words, we most definitely have to acknowledge our place on this earth and cooperate with the systems we live in, but it doesn’t let us off the hook from trying to transform it. We cannot become so heavenly minded we are no earthly good.

We'll Be Counting Stars

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Brandon Miranda

Today, as we hear/read the selected scripture from the lectionary, a clear theme emerges from the text: the Lord GOD will provide all the comfort EVER. While that sounds wonderful and does provide hope in my life, I face what many LGBTQ+ people face; struggles with mental health.

Queer 101: Who this series is for

Patrick Flores |

The starting point is the assumption that queer people are good, holy, and capable of love exactly as they are. We won’t be tackling Scripture passages that have been used in non-affirming ways or Catechism references which imply otherwise.

Sit. Breathe. Listen.

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By T. J. Walter

In times of great mental distress, heart-wrecking grief, or that deep-seated loneliness, I must be careful not to fall into self-destructive behaviors or thoughts. On the contrary, meditation allows one to dip below their humanity to touch their soul connection with God.

Blake's testimony

Blake |

I felt like if I joined the priesthood, I would be betraying my community in some way. I also began to realize that part of me wanted to join so that I could run away from my sexuality.