Vine & Fig seeks to elevate the lives of queer Catholics as we find beauty and power at the intersection of our faith, gender, and sexuality.

With a fully inclusive and affirming view of the LGBTQ+ community, we hope to inspire other Queer Catholics to more fully embrace the abundant life promised by Jesus, and witnessed in the lives of the saints, through embracing our God-given spirituality and sexuality, that our fruitfulness may be a witness to the worldwide Church. 

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Fishers of Them

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Patrick Flores

So many of us join the seminary out of a terrible fear of the desires God has placed in our hearts. To fall in love. To live our gender identity. To have children. To be at peace.

Four in the Afternoon

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Brandon Miranda

There is something profound in the mention of “four in the afternoon” because this is the author’s way of inviting us into their experience and helping us move forward together toward none other than Jesus Christ!

Call for submissions: Lent 2021

Leadership team |

We at Vine & Fig would love to know what the season of Lent means to you.