Vine & Fig seeks to elevate the lives of Queer Catholics as we find beauty and power at the intersection of our faith and sexuality.

With a fully inclusive and affirming view of the LGBTQ+ community, we hope to inspire other Queer Catholics to more fully embrace the abundant life promised by Jesus, and witnessed in the lives of the saints, through embracing our God-given spirituality and sexuality, that our fruitfulness may be a witness to the worldwide Church. 

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The Last Will Be First

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Stephen Eugene Pollmann

However, this parable challenges us to look at the situation differently: not with our own needs and desires placed at the forefront, but rather those of our neighbors. By removing one’s ego from the equation, the grander scheme comes into focus: all of the laborers were able to acquire meaningful work and take home the promised compensation of a day’s wages. Similarly, the facts of this circumstance can be applied to our personal relationships, both with God and others in our community. Let us not resent the happy occasion when our neighbors endeavor to draw nearer to Christ, regardless of the hour, and are rewarded generously for their efforts. Instead, let us celebrate the fulfillment of God’s goodness wherever we can, united as a community that embraces compassion and upholds the dignity of all.

Peace be with you

Teresa |

Unity that requires us to put away our trauma for someone else’s comfort is not healing. What would conversations in our churches look like if we stopped talking about division and started talking about oppression?

Forgive & Forget, Not Revenge & Regret

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Gabe Ferreira

We often find ourselves trying to rewrite the past of what could have been and can’t get past the story we make up in our own minds. We look for another way, some of us try to get even, we lie, curse and play games back at the one who wronged us in some way.