We are no longer accepting applications to the Vine & Fig Community


When we started Vine and Fig, we knew it needed to be more than just a place where we could affirm the dignity and goodness of Queer identities and relationships within the Catholic Church, it also had to encourage and build community around those identities.  A church is, in its foundations, a community - a people on pilgrimage together, in search of the Lord and love of neighbor. And a church which doesn’t fully affirm all its members, more than any other, has a need for strong community where we can lean on each other, listen to each other, and learn from one another.  

And while we would love to encourage the meeting of queer communities within Catholic parishes all over the world, we know that’s going to take some time.  So for now, we want to invite you to join our digital version - Vine and Fig Community! We have created a Slack group where Queer Catholics can safely get to know one another and grow together. We hope folks will be able to have fellowship and form friendships, fighting against the loneliness and isolation that often comes with being a Queer Catholic. It will be a closed group so the trolls can stay far away, and no matter where you are at on your journey, you are welcome to join us.

If you'd like to learn more about our policies to create a safe, inclusive environment, please refer to our Community Guidelines.