(re)Claiming Genesis: Affirming Creation and Empowering LGBT+ Catholics

Michael Mortimer |

How do Catholics rightly understand the Creation account? Is there a way to look at the book of Genesis that affirms and empowers queer individuals while still holding onto the essential pieces of God's creating act?

Why we are called Vine & Fig

Pat Gothman |

Co-founders Patrick and Pat discuss the Catholic school that can't call itself Catholic anymore because it wouldn't fire a gay teacher, Pride parades, how the vibrant new queer Slack community is doing, and the meaning behind the name Vine and Fig.

We made it through 40 days

Pat Gothman |

Was your Lent less than perfect? Maybe a little spotty? Ours too. Here are our thoughts moving into this Easter season.

I am Catholic and Gay

Pat Gothman |

You can’t fix being gay. All you can do is learn how to love and realize you were never broken to begin with.

Being All of Me

Patrick Weston |

Catholicism is simply woven deep into my being. Just like I can’t change the fact that I’m gay, I can’t change the fact that I process the world from a Catholic viewpoint. To deny my Catholicism, just like to deny my gayness, would be to deny a critical part of who I am.

What if LGBTQ Catholics are right?

Pat Gothman |

If they took an honest look at our lives, what would they find?

Noche Buena

Michael Vazquez |

The prophet’s promise of light is a promise of life. Mother Mary labors through the night to deliver to us the fulfillment of that promise: Jesus, the one who sees us and loves us and affirms us fully.

Reflections on Christmas Readings

Pat Gothman |

Who you are, deep down, is an answer to God’s dreams. God’s expectations. God’s hopes. You are exactly who God had in mind when you were made.

Pat's Queer Catholic Story

Pat Gothman |

So many Catholics have joined religious life or the priesthood hoping to faithfully answer the Church’s call to us for celibacy. And so many realized they couldn’t. And that realization, as heartbreaking as it is, should give us hope.