Equality is Going to Cost You Something

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Teresa, a Vine & Fig Community member


Existing is my activism

Patrick Weston |

Tabard Inn podcast co-hosts Pat Gothman and his fiancé Jacob Flores discuss Sam Smith changing their pronouns, Pope Francis weighing in on a possible schism, the spiritual practice of noticing everything, and how queer activist students are making change on campus.

Who Moved?

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Jordan Kennedy

In reflecting on this week’s Gospel from Luke, I thought of a moment I had with a friend a few years ago, in which she shared with me an Afghan proverb: “If you feel far from God, who moved?”

The Cost of Following Jesus

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Jacob Flores

We drove 2,278 miles from Seattle to Austin this past April. Seattle was beautiful: friends, family, mountains, water, a beautiful cathedral community, and a city full of people struggling together to figure out ‘what’s next?’

The Humble Guest

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Patrick Gothman

He starts as a guest. We don’t know how many are there, but it’s enough that they are jostling for positions of honor around a table. Jesus, never timid about sharing a deeper truth, turns to a parable and gently tells them to knock it off.

(re)Claiming Genesis: Affirming Creation and Empowering LGBT+ Catholics

Michael Mortimer |

How do Catholics rightly understand the Creation account? Is there a way to look at the book of Genesis that affirms and empowers queer individuals while still holding onto the essential pieces of God's creating act?

Why we are called Vine & Fig

Pat Gothman |

Co-founders Patrick and Pat discuss the Catholic school that can't call itself Catholic anymore because it wouldn't fire a gay teacher, Pride parades, how the vibrant new queer Slack community is doing, and the meaning behind the name Vine and Fig.

We made it through 40 days

Pat Gothman |

Was your Lent less than perfect? Maybe a little spotty? Ours too. Here are our thoughts moving into this Easter season.

I am Catholic and Gay

Pat Gothman |

You can’t fix being gay. All you can do is learn how to love and realize you were never broken to begin with.

Being All of Me

Patrick Weston |

Catholicism is simply woven deep into my being. Just like I can’t change the fact that I’m gay, I can’t change the fact that I process the world from a Catholic viewpoint. To deny my Catholicism, just like to deny my gayness, would be to deny a critical part of who I am.