Tabard Inn

Vine & Fig co-founder Pat Flores and his husband Jacob Flores discuss the news and most interesting articles of the week from the perspective of affirming Queer Catholics.

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The Hollywood Writer's Story | feat. Dorothy Fortenberry

Season 1, Episode 30 | 5/21/2020

Have you ever gone to help someone and thought to yourself, "oh yeah, this is one hell of a good deed?" And then have you ever fallen flat on your face when you went to do it?

The Story of the Gay Friends | feat. Sam McKenzie Jr.

Season 1, Episode 29 | 5/14/2020

Do you remember the first time you met someone who was gay and didn't see it as a conflict with their Christianity? Do you remember how revolutionary that seemed? Even a little bit dangerous?

The Story of the Hetero Ally | feat. Adam Gautille

Season 1, Episode 28 | 5/7/2020

A fight in the parking lot, a 6'5" drag queen, a new translation of the Mass parts, and Evanescence. How did we fit all that into one episode? Adam Gautille, that's how.

The Doubting Pilgrim's Story | feat. Rosemary Mahoney

Season 1, Episode 27 | 4/30/2020

If you wanted to believe, to remain a part of the church, but after all you've been through just couldn't, how far would you go to try?

The Story of the Son | feat. Max Kuzma

Season 1, Episode 26 | 4/23/2020

There's nothing easy about coming out. And no guarantee anyone will love the you you've shared.

The Story of the Secret Lives of Gay Priests | feat. Frédéric Martel

Season 1, Episode 25 | 4/16/2020

The Catholic Church has long insisted that its priests be celibate and that homosexual acts are forbidden. But how many of its priests, bishops, and cardinals are gay?

The Story of the Outspoken Student | feat. Zinzy Nev Geene

Season 1, Episode 23 | 4/9/2020

You're used to hearing stories about Catholics coming to terms with their sexuality later in life, but what about the folks who have always been comfortable and open about their queerness, and have

The Story of the Hot Priest | feat. Kaya Oakes

Season 1, Episode 23 | 4/2/2020

Ever feel like an outsider in the church? Like being you and being Catholic don't match up? You're not alone and this is the episode for you.

The Story of the Missionary's Miracle | feat. Kevin Garcia

Season 1, Episode 22 | 3/26/2020

What should we make of miracles? And what would you do if one happened to you? Laugh? Cry? Shout it from the rooftops?

The Chaplain's Story | feat. Jordan Kennedy

Season 1, Episode 21 | 3/19/2020

Does God still speak to us? Or did all that die out with the last of the prophets?