Tabard Inn

Vine & Fig co-founder Pat Flores and his husband Jacob Flores discuss the news and most interesting articles of the week from the perspective of affirming Queer Catholics.

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The Story of the Missionary's Miracle | feat. Kevin Garcia

Season 1, Episode 22 | 3/26/2020

What should we make of miracles? And what would you do if one happened to you? Laugh? Cry? Shout it from the rooftops?

The Chaplain's Story | feat. Jordan Kennedy

Season 1, Episode 21 | 3/19/2020

Does God still speak to us? Or did all that die out with the last of the prophets?

The Story of the Golden Boy | feat. Christopher Dowling

Season 1, Episode 20 | 3/12/2020

What happens when you do everything the Church asks of you as a gay Catholic, and it just doesn't work? Husbands Pat & Jacob Flores talk with Christopher Dowling.

Catholic gay marriage

Season 1, Episode 19 | 3/5/2020

Husbands Pat and Jacob discuss their very Catholic wedding, what they learned in the process, and what advice they have for anyone else thinking of having a religious gay wedding!

You are dust

Season 1, Episode 18 | 2/27/2020

Husbands Pat and Jacob discuss the beginning of Lent, the trouble with embracing suffering, and what Dorothy Day has to say was a "hard, hard doctrine."

Representation in the Media w/ Cabronas y Chingonas

Season 1, Episode 17 | 2/20/2020
In this special episode, husbands Pat and Jacob sat down over Christmas Myte and Syntia, the hosts of the the Queer, Latinx podcast Cabronas y Chingonas. It was an awesome conversation - their podcast tackles representation in the media, especially from a queer latinx perspective.

Bishops say "homosexual acts" are good now?

Season 1, Episode 16 | 2/13/2020

Husbands Pat and Jacob discuss the German bishops who are officially talking about what is good in gay relationships, what it means to vote like a Catholic, black queer filmmakers who are creating

One year Christmas special

Season 1, Episode 15 | 12/19/2019

Pat and Jacob look back not the first year of Vine and Fig, talk about the big news coming out of the German bishops conference, and then discuss the ways they hope V&F will grow in the year ah

Still can't say the Nicene Creed

Season 1, Episode 14 | 12/12/2019

Fiancés Pat and Jacob discuss a lesbian woman being denied communion at her parish in Michigan, the new Prime Minister of Finland who was raised by two moms, TikTok admitting it was suppressing vid

The Catholic Church and the AIDS crisis | feat. Michael O'Loughlin

Season 1, Episode 13 | 12/5/2019

Welcome to Tabard Inn, a podcast about the stories we tell and the events we discuss while on pilgrimage as Queer Catholics!