The Doubting Pilgrim's Story | feat. Rosemary Mahoney

Season 1, Episode 27 | 4/30/2020

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If you wanted to believe, to remain a part of the church, but after all you've been through just couldn't, how far would you go to try? Our guest today is the author Rosemary Mahoney and she did something many LGBTQ Catholics will be familiar with - she kept trying to make it work.

Her book the Singular Pilgrim is about her time following six different pilgrimages around the world, attempting to figure out what makes belief work. Why is it some have it and others don't? And is it possible to get it back once you've lost it? We talked with Rosemary about all of that, and maybe most importantly, whether or not the Catholic Church is worth fighting to stay a part of, when so much inside you tells you it's no longer your home.

Rosemary Mahoney
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