The Story of the Hetero Ally | feat. Adam Gautille

Season 1, Episode 28 | 5/7/2020

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A fight in the parking lot, a 6'5" drag queen, a new translation of the Mass parts, and Evanescence. How did we fit all that into one episode? Adam Gautille, that's how.

We talk a lot about how Vine & Fig is a community for queer Catholics, but it's also for Catholic allies. Straight folks need a place where they can learn more about the LGBTQ community within their churches, and the truth is, we need them to understand and to speak up.

So this week we invited Adam Gautille, a professional musician and music minister at a Catholic Church and official straight guy to explain how he went from a conservative in Texas, to a proud friend of the community who gets wild at gay bars and makes sure to use the right pronouns leading choir practice, all just from listening and learning to love queer people. It's an inspiring conversation that gives a lot of hope for the future of the Church!

Adam Gautille
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