Slack Guidelines

Slack Guidelines

We’re so excited to build up our Vine & Fig Community!

Nobody likes reading a long list of rules or terms and conditions, but we would really appreciate it if you took a second to read these guidelines. While the vast majority of the time appropriate behavior is intuitive, a shared understanding of the community is helpful for all, especially to help make this the safe and fruitful place we believe it can be!

If you’ve never used Slack before, there are great resources online. We recommend the official getting started guide by Slack as a place to look first.

We exist for queer Catholics.

The Vine & Fig Community exists first and foremost for queer Catholics. Allies are always welcome to follow the work of Vine and Fig on our social media channels and newsletter, but our Community space is special. Right now, it is for LGBTQ identifying persons who also have a relationship with the Catholic Church.  

We are affirming.

Our community is an unabashedly affirming space. We fully validate the rights of queer Catholics to define their own gender and sexual identity – and to enter relationships – all while being members of the Church. Individuals who are questioning if they are affirming are welcome to join to listen and learn, but are asked to please refrain from promoting non-affirming stances.

We are understanding.

We realize our fellow community members may be at different points along their journey to self-understanding. We will listen and we will attempt to understand viewpoints different than our own.

We are patient.

Disagreements, social or theological, are normal but we resolve and address them in a patient, direct manner. We attempt to resolve disagreements individually first, but may raise them to a community moderator if necessary.

We are a safe space.

We do not tolerate harassment, bullying, or other aggressive behavior. While members are encouraged to not use pseudonyms, we are respectful and do not “out” other members of our community by revealing name, gender identity, or sexual orientation outside of the community without consent. The community exists for fellowship, and explicit material or sexual advances are not welcome.

We respect the guidelines.

We do our best to adhere to these guidelines. Humans make mistakes. Individuals who violate these guidelines will be warned of their behavior. Further action, including removal from the community will occur for repeated offenses.