Doubting Thomas

Second Sunday of Easter | | By Ryan McQuade

I’ve been “doubting Ryan” for a little while now. After encountering the racism and sexism that my friends endured to have a place in Christian ministry, I questioned whether any of this has anything to do with freeing people, loving God, and building a family in Christ.

Jesus Was There

Easter Sunday, The Resurrection of the Lord | | By Father Peter MacNaughton

Jesus was there when He rolled back the stone from the tomb.  He was there to take the shroud of pain, of suffering, from my face and rolled it up.  He was there when I was lifted from my bed of anguish.  He was there and welcomed me home.

The Cross is For You

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion | | By Jordan Kennedy

Beloved, today begins our holiest week of the liturgical year. It is the week in which we walk with Christ towards his passion, death and resurrection.

Frazzling God’s Goodness

Fourth Sunday in Lent | | By Mx. Delfin W. Bautista, MSW, MDiv.

I will admit, I come to this week’s reflection a little frazzled due to many changes in my personal and professional life—some exciting, some confusing, some a little bit of both.   Within my frazzledness

The Place Where You Stand

Third Sunday of Lent | | By Joey Chee

When I found myself spirited away from the conservative understanding of the sexuality, it was more than simply leaving a set of abstract ideas and principles behind.

Listen to Jesus…

Second Sunday of Lent | | By Eilis

I write this reflection in the evening on International Women’s Day—after spending an evening with people I consider my “chosen family.” The family, refugees from the DRC, have lived in

The Long Game

The Baptism of the Lord | | By Father Peter MacNaughton

They came to the Jordan to be baptized by John, to commit to a new way of life, a re-crossing of the Jordan river into the promised land of Israe

Venite Adoremus

The Epiphany of the Lord | | By Stephen Eugene Pollmann

As queer Catholics, we too experience political threats that often seek to extinguish our hopes or separate us from the person of Christ. Thankfully, the Epiphany gives us a blueprint for overcoming these threats, along with any individual spiritual darkness: when we allow ourselves to be guided by the light that is the love of God.

A Little Bit of Good

The Octave Day of Christmas Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God | | By Eilis

May our God look upon you kindly and give you peace! As we find out footing, wherever we are. Be bold. Be unequivocally you. Let your light shine.

Another Holy Innocent

Feast of the Holy Innocents, Martyrs | | By Brandon Miranda

The Jesus I love and know, the God that I give my entire self over to; He would never condemn someone for hurting that much to an eternity of suffering. I bet you he’s wrapped in the arms of the Father right now, as God holds him and lets him know that he doesn’t need to hurt anymore.