God is Flipping Tables for Us

Third Sunday of Lent | | By Kev

My beautiful queer siblings, God wants all of you present here. He has shown frustration when all are not given space in His Father's house. He is flipping tables for you.

Are the U.S. Bishops Ready to See Us?

Patrick Flores |

We merely ask that they realize Church doctrine applies to us as well. We are queer, but we are human persons, made in the image and likeness of God.

Abraham Unbound

Second Sunday of Lent | | By Joey

It’s no theoretical question – long after we have started to understand the goodness of the God-given gift of our sexuality, the trusty old Catholic guilt can still rear its head.

Even here, there are Graces

First Sunday of Lent | | By Jordan Kennedy

Lent is always hard. It’s always a little trickier to really get into then we think, especially this year. The ease we prayed would come in 2021, the respite we so anticipated from the hardship of 2020 has not yet come, at least not for most of us. I am finding Lent particularly hard this year. I’ve already eaten the thing I said I wouldn’t, and I write this as I sip a glass of wine, which I decided I’d go without until Easter.

Let Our Liberation Ring Louder Than Our Loneliness

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By A. A. Ford

Happy Feast of St. Valentine, my brothers, sisters, and siblings! Whatever your situation in life, I hope that you find some time today to meditate on all the ways God showers love into your life.

The Mirror of the Soul

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Darby DeJarnette

We all have glass in our souls. When we love someone, it makes it very easy to see the light of Christ shining through that person. It’s as if they are reflecting the love of God onto us through a clear window. When we encounter sin in ourselves and others, it makes it very hard to see that light. Someone hurts us and the glass is clouded. We can’t see Christ as clearly in that person anymore. Sometimes the pain causes us to have a hard time seeing Christ reflected in ourselves.

It’s Time to Tell YOUR Story

Vine & Fig Team |

We are proud to introduce our newest team member and intern for the Spring semester, Ceara Hunsaker.

A Voice in the Silence

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Violet

The funny thing about being trans or having any other queer identity is you can’t outrun your identity. You can ignore your feelings, but they will never go away.

Fishers of Them

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Patrick Flores

So many of us join the seminary out of a terrible fear of the desires God has placed in our hearts. To fall in love. To live our gender identity. To have children. To be at peace.

Four in the Afternoon

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Brandon Miranda

There is something profound in the mention of “four in the afternoon” because this is the author’s way of inviting us into their experience and helping us move forward together toward none other than Jesus Christ!