The Power of a Teacher

The Ascension of the Lord | | By Stephen Parish

People in positions of authority inevitably empower those under their influence. Those in positions of power that seek personal gain or forgo devotion, justice, and compassion undermine the love of God and the love of neighbor.

The Hollywood Writer's Story | feat. Dorothy Fortenberry

Season 1, Episode 30 | 5/21/2020

Have you ever gone to help someone and thought to yourself, "oh yeah, this is one hell of a good deed?" And then have you ever fallen flat on your face when you went to do it?

Aces Affirmed

Michael Mortimer |

During the early years of the LGBT+ liberation movement, queer people forged political solidarities by sharing their experiences of sexual repression and alienation from the dominant heteronormative society.

Holding On To Tradition

Sixth Sunday of Easter | | By Gabe Reeder-Ferreira

God has given us life for the Spirit to live in us, to experience love and be able to step into the chaos of another with compassion. Made by God we are a conduit of peace, even if we ourselves are not at peace.

The Story of the Gay Friends | feat. Sam McKenzie Jr.

Season 1, Episode 29 | 5/14/2020

Do you remember the first time you met someone who was gay and didn't see it as a conflict with their Christianity? Do you remember how revolutionary that seemed? Even a little bit dangerous?

Pray Tell: Clobber

Zinzy Nev Geene |

My clobber passages are not the ones about queerness. They are those verses that tell me that children who don’t provide for their parents are worse than unbelievers.

RCIA but Gay: Intersex ≠ Invisible

Michael Mortimer |

For many intersex people—particularly those who identify as queer—the “I” in LGBTQIA stands for “invisible.” Intersex encompasses a wide spectrum of people and identities beyond the physical presentation of sexual anatomy.

Trying is What Matters

Fifth Sunday of Easter | | By Pedro Nogues

We are here because He called us and He chose us. The fact that we may have struggled to remain faithful and close to Jesus, yet do our best to follow Him, is invaluable and does good to the Church, which many times is not even capable of seeing us. Each of us with our poor and perhaps imperfect following of Jesus are building the Church and helping her in her saving mission. It is better to follow Jesus imperfectly than not to follow Him at all.

The Story of the Hetero Ally | feat. Adam Gautille

Season 1, Episode 28 | 5/7/2020

A fight in the parking lot, a 6'5" drag queen, a new translation of the Mass parts, and Evanescence. How did we fit all that into one episode? Adam Gautille, that's how.

Pray Tell: Banners

Zinzy Nev Geene |

Corporate displays of Pride can be performative and gross, but there is a more authentic way to change. We Catholics should do what we do best: embrace what is difficult, look to tradition to inform our actions, and tell stories that matter about our own people, especially those on our margins.