Trying is What Matters

Fifth Sunday of Easter | | By Pedro Nogues

We are here because He called us and He chose us. The fact that we may have struggled to remain faithful and close to Jesus, yet do our best to follow Him, is invaluable and does good to the Church, which many times is not even capable of seeing us. Each of us with our poor and perhaps imperfect following of Jesus are building the Church and helping her in her saving mission. It is better to follow Jesus imperfectly than not to follow Him at all.

The Story of the Hetero Ally | feat. Adam Gautille

Season 1, Episode 28 | 5/7/2020

A fight in the parking lot, a 6'5" drag queen, a new translation of the Mass parts, and Evanescence. How did we fit all that into one episode? Adam Gautille, that's how.

Pray Tell: Banners

Zinzy Nev Geene |

Corporate displays of Pride can be performative and gross, but there is a more authentic way to change. We Catholics should do what we do best: embrace what is difficult, look to tradition to inform our actions, and tell stories that matter about our own people, especially those on our margins.

RCIA but Gay: TRANSubstantiation

Michael Mortimer |

While gender nonconforming people faced certainly faced violence and discrimination during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, historians have also shown the idea of fixed gender binaries on the basis of biological sex assigned at birth emerged during eighteenth-century Age of Enlightenment. For most of the Church’s history, gender represented a fluid, contested, and evolving concept.

Recognizing the Shepherd's Voice

Fourth Sunday of Easter | | By Jacq Oesterblad

We Catholics get a rulebook, of sorts, but everyone acknowledges that life is more complicated than that. That’s why we teach the primacy of the conscience and the discernment of spirits. But if I’m not allowed to trust my experience of Love and goodness and wholeness, if I have to spend my whole life fearing that my own heart is a false prophet trying to lead my astray and the voice I hear isn’t really a shepherd but a thief, then I can’t discern…anything.

The Doubting Pilgrim's Story | feat. Rosemary Mahoney

Season 1, Episode 27 | 4/30/2020

If you wanted to believe, to remain a part of the church, but after all you've been through just couldn't, how far would you go to try?

RCIA but Gay: Over the Rainbow

Michael Mortimer |

As Gilbert Baker explained in his posthumously published autobiography, “the rainbow came from earliest recorded history as a symbol of hope. In the book of Genesis, it appeared as proof of a covenant between God and all living creatures.”

My Allotted Portion, My Cup

Third Sunday of Easter | | By Michael Viktor Kilarjian

I think then of today's psalm, that mention of "my allotted portion and my cup".  If it teaches us anything, it is quite simply and pointedly, to not be satisfied with the status quo!  To not be afraid to realize that what you may have right now, may not be your "portion", may not be the best that was meant for you. And not in reference to the vain, or self-centered.  But, when you know in your heart that something you may be engaging in, something you may be dealing with, is not life-giving, does not fill your cup and so on, know that you are free to go ahead and move. Not to restlessly strive; restless striving did not raise Christ from the dead.

RCIA but Gay: Gai, Gaie, or Gay?

Michael Mortimer |

It's been a slur and it's been a rallying cry, but where did the word GAY come from?

The Story of the Son | feat. Max Kuzma

Season 1, Episode 26 | 4/23/2020

There's nothing easy about coming out. And no guarantee anyone will love the you you've shared.