Why Were You Looking For Me?

Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph | | By Theo

I used to think that hiding myself for my family’s sake was the same thing as loving them, but when I discern from a place of self-acceptance, I can see more clearly that living in fear and shame is not love at all.

Variegated Faith

Fourth Sunday of Advent | | By Luke Morris

Mary, you said yes to the will of God reveled in your heart. Help us have the courage to live in a manner worthy of the call we have received. To say yes to our God

Like the seasons

Third Sunday of Advent | | By Zinzy Nev Geene

Like clockwork, late December, I return to Jesus, and Jesus returns to me.

The Queer Voice in the Desert

Second Sunday of Advent | | By Patrick Flores

Advent is the great season of hope amidst repentance. Faith in the promise of that one day when things will be made right.

Is Our God a God of Contradiction or Just Confusion?

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By David Lincoln

These images of God next to each other make no sense, they seem contradictory, confusing, and even ridiculous. We hear in these a common human experience of brokenness, blindness, a need for healing and companion to walk with us.

The most depressing sin

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Zinzy Nev Geene

Yesterday, Vine & Fig facilitated another instalment of Reading Club.

Give From Our Abundance and Our Poverty

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Jordan Kennedy

God, through Jesus Christ, calls all of us to give not only of our abundance, but to the extent that we can, from our poverty as well. It could be money and riches, as in this narrative from St. Mark, but it could be time, our skills, or just simply our love.

Beyond Genesis

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Stephen Eugene Pollmann

Today’s readings are touchy: in our first reading from Genesis, we read about the mythical creation of man and woman and their union as “one flesh” — this is compounded by Jesus’s own allusion back to the story of creation

From Out-Catholicing to embracing my sacred hot-messiness

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Delfin

When I first came out 20 years ago and began a journey of reconciling my faith, sexuality, and gender, I felt that I had to prove my catholic identity by out-catholicing all those who “critiqued” my lifestyle.

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