Give From Our Abundance and Our Poverty

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Jordan Kennedy

God, through Jesus Christ, calls all of us to give not only of our abundance, but to the extent that we can, from our poverty as well. It could be money and riches, as in this narrative from St. Mark, but it could be time, our skills, or just simply our love.

Beyond Genesis

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Stephen Eugene Pollmann

Today’s readings are touchy: in our first reading from Genesis, we read about the mythical creation of man and woman and their union as “one flesh” — this is compounded by Jesus’s own allusion back to the story of creation

From Out-Catholicing to embracing my sacred hot-messiness

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Delfin

When I first came out 20 years ago and began a journey of reconciling my faith, sexuality, and gender, I felt that I had to prove my catholic identity by out-catholicing all those who “critiqued” my lifestyle.

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The Vine & Fig Team |

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God Looks Fabulous In Drag

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Theo

I recently attended my first drag show. The show itself was wonderful, but what struck me the most was the atmosphere of being surrounded by fellow Queers, something I have rarely experienced in real life.

El Santo Cristo lloró

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Dani

However, there is also an undeniable truth: a cross has been inflicted upon us. I can’t lie and say being in that chapel at fifteen didn’t feel like the worst kind of humiliation, I can’t lie and say that at the time, the guilt for my unquestionable gayness felt like a heavy yoke, pressing down my neck, drying up my throat, and breaking my tiny gay heart in two.

Lost in the Woods

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Violet

I think for a very long time many years in fact I’ve sort of lost sight of who I am; of what really matters.

Can You Save My Crushed Spirit?

Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Patrick Flores

Leaning into the rhythms of Catholicism can help us find deeper theological truths when God is hard to see.

A Call To Praise, A Call To Mourn

Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary | | By Theo

The Church’s crimes are innumerable. From sexual abuse to colonization to racism to cis-hetero-patriarchy. From the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report to Indigenous Boarding Schools to the LGBTQ+ youth and adults who suffer from depression and suicidal ideation. These songs of praise speak to us of a different Lord.

Bread of Life for One Another

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time | | By Eilis

What we fail to realize is that there are angels all around us who welcome us to their tables and say ”eat, the journey will be too long for you if you do not have bread to eat.”